Création 2023

Création pour la rue. Trapèze ballant – Mât chinois – Sangles – Trapèze fixe à deux – Lancer de couteaux – Rollers

Plus d’infos très prochainement !

To Bee Queen

Creation for the outside / Premiere for : spring 2021
Circus et Clowny Theatre :
Alveoli net, swinging trapeze
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Pub Show Urbain

Street theater and circus 
Swinging trapeze, chinese pole, live music and singing
Co-production Cie Lady Cocktail (Be) and Du Grenier au jardin (Fr)
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Les Filles du 2ème

(The Girls from Up there)
Femininity, prowess, joyful provocations and canning,
an explosive cocktail to taste with a raised fist and hair in the wind!
You feel like having a good laugh?
So do they…
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On-Off (act on a chinese pole)

“On – Off” is a pole performance for two! It’s Oli and Vio,
circus artists from two different horizons. Up there, on the pole, the pleasure of sharing the knowledge and technique drove them to build a common artistic project.

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