Bio Nadine Béchade

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Nadine Béchade
Actor, singer

1993: Begins theatre. Start of a 10 years collaboration with Michel Bruzat (text by Calaferte, Musset, Durif, Garneau…)
1994: Co-founder of ‘La Java des Gaspards’.
1998: Actress with 
director Philippe Labonne.
2004: (à jouer?) played ’Irma la douce’ in a musical comedy by Alexandre Breffort and Marguerite Monnot.
2006: Début with ‘Mélimélo Fabrique’ – Young Audience.
2007: Meets and works with ‘Les Sea Girls’ – Singing and music-hall.
2010: Actress in ‘l’Opérette Phu-Phi’ directer by Johanny Bert for ‘la Cie des Brigands’ – First steps in the street performance with ‘Le bonheur est dans le chant’ directed by Etienne Grebot, Cie des Grooms.
2013: Creation of ‘la Belle Friche’ company.
2014: Actress for the company ‘Du Grenier au Jardin’, directed by Fabrice Richert. Encounter with the compagnie ‘Lady Cocktail’.

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