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Fabrice Richert :

Director, Actor

Worthy successor of a family of postal workers, Fabrice Richert has chosen to study at the école supérieure de théâtre du régime d’assurance chômage des intermittents du spectacle. In 2005, supported by his family who tells him “you either study or you are on your own”, Fabrice made a choice that will change his diet! After two grueling half days of rehearsals he created “Jazz ta rue”, a show that will tour in street festivals in France, Navarre but also in Belgium thanks to a series of harassing phone calls, lies and bluffs. Then came the time to have a library card, go to the theater, and especially to found the company “Du grenier au jardin“. He then walks through the door of the theater Passerelle. There he meets a man who gives him a text and tells him: “come back when you know it”. After two months of text deciphering hooked to an illustrated Petit Larousse, he comes back, goes up on stage … he stayed for four years with Michel Bruzat. Of course, in parallel he continues his rich and complete training. He works alongside Monique Perchou (advisor at the Employment Centre) who inspires him for the writing of his first shows. In 2007, he creates “Bradiski” a parody of Nordic circus all in gibberish. The same year, convinced that the speech has no place to be and that only physical insolence could make theater he creates “Lutineries”, releases of beasties on bouncing stilts: burlesque attacks! In 2009 he creates C.R.A.C., a tragi-comic street show still running despite budget cuts allocated to street festivals. In 2011, aware of the poverty of his writings and especially of the cultural sector’s economic reality he creates “les Histoires comme ça” by Rudyard Kipling with 2 actors, few set elements and adaptable to the street, the theatre and the rest . In 2012, he fecund Thomas Dardenne and prepares the delivery of Pryl.

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