Bio Emilie Bouillaguet

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Emilie Bouillaguet
In Charge of development for the company ‘Du grenier au jardin’ and outside eye for the ‘Pub Show Urbain’

2007 : Writing and Languages Licence, majoring in Modern Writing (Limoges University)
2009 : MASTERS in Arts, Writing and Languages, majoring in Writing (Limoges University)
2011 : CAPES in Modern Writing – Certificate of Professional Aptitude for Secondary Education (University institute of teacher training | Limoges).
2011 : MASTERS in Arts, Writing and Languages, majoring in Language and Semiotics (Limoges University).
2012-2015 : Head of the Communication department within the Foundation ‘La Borie-en-Limousin’ (Solignac).
2013 à 2015 : Professional trainer in ‘External Communication’ (SHS – University of Limoges) with the Bachelor’s Degree in Culture and Territorial Development.
2015 : Doctorate in Language Arts. Title of thesis ‘Organization, information and communication of the “cultural space”: approach to a business case and modelling’. (University of Limoges).
2016 : President of the company ‘Du Grenier au Jardin’.
2016 : Teacher-researcher in Information and Communication Sciences at the University of Lorraine (SHS).

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